Clubs and Activities

Your daughter will have the opportunity to choose from around 40 clubs in Lower School. From fencing to Chinese, Hot Chefs to debating, orchestra to sailing, there is something for everyone. Girls are encouraged to participate in a variety of clubs as they not only provide opportunities to pursue interests and learn new skills, but also to develop new friendships.

All girls who attend Lower School clubs can compete regularly (Saturday mornings and after-school) in hockey, tennis, athletics, netball, badminton and cross-country running.

Judo, fencing, and table tennis clubs add variety and enhance the programme. In addition, swimmers, skiers and horse-riders have the opportunity to represent their school in local and national competitions, and dancers can create work to perform at the school dance show.

Clubs and activities run during breaks and after school from 4.00 pm - 5.00 or 5.30 pm


Whole school co-curriculum leaflet


Co-curriculum Activities Booking Instructions


Some of our activities are shown below. Please download the full co-curriculum leaflet for the complete programme.