Why Consider St George's Lower School ( P6, P7 & S1) ?

Fast facts about St George's Lower School (10 - 13 years) P6 - S1

Year Groups

At St George’s the transition from Junior School to Lower School takes place on entering Primary 6. Here, girls experience more independence as well as their new environment.

A key feature of our Lower School education is that our girls start secondary education a year earlier than in most other schools, in Primary 7.

In the final year of Lower School, our S1 students benefit from the increased responsibilities of leadership roles and from having had two years of secondary teaching rather than one, before moving to the new environment of Upper School.

Lansdowne Campus

The warm and supportive atmosphere of our Lower School campus encourages girls to develop at their own pace at a time of significant physical and emotional change in their lives. The three year groups, which are around 180 girls in total, benefit from having the Lansdowne campus all to themselves where their experiences are designed to suit their particular needs. 

Flexibility with Subjects and Course Choice

With a whole school size of around 750, our school is relatively small, but it is big enough at the top end to be enormously flexible, particularly when subject and course choice is concerned. Within certain parameters, students have a free choice of subject, and we can construct the timetable and subject option columns  around the students as they move towards examination courses, rather than the other way about.

Awarded 'Excellent' in School Inspection

In Lower School, girls experience several gradual and smooth transitions, which are supported by a curriculum that was praised in the Education Scotland Inspection Report (2015) as "excellent".  The report also awarded St George’s "excellent" ratings for improvement through self-evaluation and for performance (which covers examination results, attainment and achievement).  Also, the inspectors commented that the transition arrangements for joining the school at all stages and as children moved up the school were excellent.

Girls Only

We believe that in a girls-only environment our girls can develop and grow with the freedom to be themselves. The leaders in our school are all girls; the highest achievers are girls, and there is no possibility of any unintended bias against girls in any subject. The level of participation in sport is astonishingly high, and our girls excel in – and more importantly enjoy – every area of curricular and extracurricular activity (and there are dozens of clubs, sports and activities  to choose from with space for all).

Academic Results

When it comes to academic results, girls' schools regularly punch above their weight in national exams and dominate the top of the exam results in league tables. Girls' School Association schools account for a disproportionately large share of the top grades in sciences, mathematics, and languages. 

Examination results at St George's in both Scottish and English qualifications have been consistently outstanding for many years.  

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For further information, please contact Admissions by telephoning 0131 311 8008, admissions@stge.org.uk and see our admissions procedure.

Digital Learning Skills

Students in Lower School receive instruction in the effective use of technology to access resources and support their learningin computing lessons, and across the curriculum as appropriate. These lessons prepare them for more independent use of technology in the Upper School. From Remove (equivalent to P7) upwards students have the option to bring in their own Windows laptop to use when appropriate, but this is strictly optional.