Our Nursery Curriculum

St George’s nursery curriculum - learning through play 

We create learning experiences around the children

We support individual interests from a young age by listening to our children and working with our parents to find out what interests them. Children have time to be engrossed and to complete activities without having an overly timetabled and restrictive curriculum. Problem-solving, creativity and role-play make up much of the day. Skill development is learned through play with literacy and numeracy developed and extended creatively, through 'real' and imaginative experiences in our forest areas, outdoor canoe, the 'home corner', and the secret garden fort.

Morning sessions

During the morning, children participate in learning experiences through planned and spontaneous play. The children experience sessions in PE, ballet, music, drama, art, library (including  stories, instruments and songs), outdoor learning and woodwork.

Afternoon sessions

Afternoons include trips to the beach for coastal learning, where children explore and learn about the environment. We visit Murrayfield House Care Home, where children play games and hear stories with the elderly residents. There is a nursery art club where the children explore all types of imaginative creativity and free expression whilst developing their fine motor skills, a yoga club, and themed science activities.

The Preschool year (4-5 year old girls)

St George’s Preschool year continues to provide the building blocks for a lifetime of learning by laying a solid foundation in pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills.

Through play and high-quality learning experiences, we focus on fostering positive social and emotional skills and learning techniques to improve concentration, attention and communication. The girls learn to interact positively, to socialise, to share and to take turns enabling them to build friendships and become successful negotiators.

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Sector leading curriculum

St George's curriculum, from Nursery to Sixth Form, was graded as 'Excellent' (sector-leading) in the Education Scotland Inspection Report (2015).