Our Nursery Curriculum

St George’s nursery curriculum - learning through play 

We create learning experiences around the children

We support individual interests from a young age by listening to our children and working with our parents to find out what interests them. Children have time to be engrossed and to complete activities without having an overly timetabled and restrictive curriculum.

Children learn through child-led activities

Problem-solving, creativity and role-play make up much of the day. Skill development is learned through play with literacy and numeracy developed and extended creatively, through 'real' and imaginative experiences in our 'Fair-trade shop', the 'home corner', and the 'pirate ship'.

Download our nursery afternoon curriculum 

Sector leading curriculum

St George's curriculum, from Nursery to Sixth Form, was graded as 'Excellent' (sector leading) in the Education Scotland Inspection Report (2015).