Academic Curriculum - St George's Upper School

A flexible academic secondary curriculum

A flexible academic curriculum is offered resulting in qualifications in a range of Scottish and English public exams including GCSEs, Highers, Advanced Highers, and some A levels. 32 subjects are currently offered.


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Primary 7 – Secondary 2 curriculum

Girls follow a broad general curriculum in Lower School for two years in Remove (P7), and Lower 4 (S1),  before moving to Upper School for Upper 4 (S2). This builds on learning in Junior School and Primary 6 by providing a stimulating experience with an appropriate degree of challenge in a wide range of subjects.

In Lower School in Remove (P7) and Lower 4 (S1), girls study a general science course, and when they move to Upper School in Upper 4 (S2) Biology, Chemistry and Physics are studied separately. There is a particular focus on the study of languages. In Lower School in Remove and Lower 4, girls study French or Spanish, while in Lower 4 there is also an introduction to Latin and a carousel consisting of Chinese, German, Spanish (or French) and World French. As they move into Upper School in S2 girls choose two or three languages to study in Upper 4.

Secondary 3 – Secondary 4 curriculum (GCSEs)

In Fifth Form (S3 and S4), girls study nine or ten subjects, leading to GCSE qualifications. This ensures a broad educational experience, while allowing a degree of specialisation. All girls study English (Language and Literature), Mathematics, and take at least one language other than English, at least one science and at least one social science. In addition, all girls take a course in core skills, which presently contains elements on communication, critical thinking, religious studies and PE.

Sixth Form curriculum

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In Sixth Form girls are able to choose from a wide range of courses provided at National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher levels. A-level courses are available in selected subjects. Usually five subjects are studied in Lower 6 (S5) and three or four in Upper 6 (S6).