Academic Curriculum - St George's Upper School

Girls commence their secondary education in the second year of Lower School in Remove (P7). This is a year earlier than most schools in Scotland.

In Remove, Lower 4 and Upper 4 (P7-S2) girls receive a broad general secondary education. Towards the end of Upper 4 (S2) subject choices are made for the two years of Fifth Form (S3 and S4). Girls study for 9 GCSE qualifications which are examined at the end of the Upper 5 (S4) year.

In Sixth Form girls choose five subjects to study at Higher in Lower 6 (S5), with most studying three subjects or more in Upper 6 (S6) at Advanced Higher. 

Academic Timeline

Why we offer GCSEs followed by Scottish Highers

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  • Studying GCSEs

    Why we study GCSEs and the range of subjects on offer.

  • Studying Higher and Advanced Higher

    An overview of studying Scottish Highers and Advanced Highers and the subject we offer.

The two year GCSE programme in S3 and S4 (Y10 and Y11) provides academic depth and rigour. Girls develop a strong work ethic and GCSEs are an excellent preparation for Scottish Highers.

One year Scottish Higher and Advanced Higher examinations provide a high level of flexibility and choice. These qualifications are the gold standard for entry into Scottish Universities. They are well regarded and universally accepted as an entry qualification for English universities and throughout the world.  Our applicants regularly receive attractive offers from top English universities based on the success of combining Highers and Advanced Highers.

Digital Learning Skills

Students in the Upper School are expected to bring their own device – a windows laptop with digital inking. One to one devices empower students and teachers to make the best use of technology to support and enhance pedagogy in the classroom. Digital inking gives students maximum flexibility, allowing them to type, touch and write on screen or paper, depending on the requirements of the lesson or task. Students learn to organise and plan their learning, gaining valuable study skills alongside digital competency.