Debating Society

"Honest disagreement is often a sign of good progress" Mahatma Ghandi

 The Debating Society at St George's promotes

  • Critical thinking
  • Communication skills
  • Independent research
  • Teamwork

The skills promoted in the Debating Society are useful in school, in work and in wider citizenship issues where making an informed judgment is essential.

Debates at St George's take different forms

  • The interhouse Debate (where girls from P6 to S6 debate issues)
  • Upper School Debates
  • Lower School Debates
  • Outside Competitive Debates e.g. The Law Society of Scotland, The English Speaking Union, The St Andrew's Student's Union, Oxford Debating Competition, The Glenalmond Cup and so on.
  • Friendly Debates e.g. with our brother school, Merchiston


Teachers who are enthusiastic about creative education make ideal coaches and in the very recent past here at St George's coaches have included teachers from the English, Support for Learning, Religious and Moral Education and History Departments.

The Debating Society encourages membership where students take on important roles such as:

President, Vice President Publicity Officer, Assistant Coaches

The Debating Society here at St George's encourages a team feeling and all members contribute to the research and ideas for future competitions whether they are the chosen speakers or not. The girls discuss and vote on future agendas and topics for debate.

Novices benefit greatly from listening to seasoned debaters argue and a drop-in ethos is encouraged: members do not have to attend every week.

Role of Parents

Please contact Ms Williams or Mrs Irvine (Debate Coaches) if you can help judge debates, offer transport to and from debates, host visiting debaters, offer moral support/encouragement, offer a skills workshop in debating/public speaking/body language/forming an argument/research