Young Enterprise

Scotland's Young Enterprise Company programme

The Young Enterprise Company Programme gives thousands of students each year the opportunity to prepare for their working life through the experience of running their own company, supported by volunteer advisers from business.

Students from Lower Six set up and run their company over the course of one academic year. They elect a board of directors from among their peers, raise share capital, and market and finance a product or service of their own choice. At the end of the year, they present a report and accounts to their shareholders. Students gain experience of the real business world, taking responsibility and being accountable to their shareholders and to each other, for the running of the business.

As a result of running a Young Enterprise Company, students gain:

  • an understanding of how a business works and how wealth and employment are created;
  • the ability to work in a team;
  • improved communication skills;
  • more enthusiasm and self-confidence;
  • a willingness to take responsibility and initiative;
  • time management skills;
  • experience of key business functions such as marketing, financial management, sales, customer care and personnel management.
  • During their year of trading, Young Enterprise companies have the opportunity to participate in local trade fairs where they can sell their products, market their services, and so boost their sales and experience.

At the end of the company year, students write a report and attend interviews. Most students also sit the 'Business School' examination marked by Strathclyde University. At the end of the year the programme culminates in an Awards Evening with trophies and shields presented to the best directors and to the companies with the best product idea, best presentation and best company.