Video Gallery

An important part of our Sixth Form provision is the enrichment we offer. This goes beyond the work undertaken in the academic curriculum by offering a programme of activities that enhance all-round development and stimulate intellectual curiosity in all students.

Click on the video clips below to hear from senior members of staff talking about our Sixth Form programme and how we prepare the girls for entry to competitive courses beyond school. These video clips were recorded at a webinar for girls in Lower 5 (S3) and their parents. 

  • Preparation for Competitive Courses (9 minutes)

    Sonia Edwards talks to Lower 5 students (S3) about our programme for preparing girls for entry to the most competitive courses at university and our enrichment co-curriculum programme.

  • Head of Sixth Form, Jill Bryce (3.40 minutes)

    Jill Bryce gives an overview of our Sixth Form programme to our Lower 5 (S3) students.

  • An U6 Student's Perspective (3 minutes)

    Saffron tells Lower 5 (S3) about her experiences of Sixth Form and explains how the enrichment programme worked for her.

  • Parents Q and A Session (15 minutes)

    A Q and A session with parents following the Looking Ahead to Sixth Form presentations. Alex Hems, Jill Bryce, Sonia Edwards and Saffron answer a broad range of questions from parents about how the school prepares the girls for entry to competitive courses beyond school.