Curriculum Drama

The Drama Department offers opportunities for all students throughout the school to be a performer or a designer in a comfortable and supportive environment. Our focus on the individual allows students to be stretched and challenged according to their unique interests and ability.

Productions and Clubs

  • There are opportunities to be involved in two large-scale Upper School productions every year where students may take on roles as actors, directors, stage managers, costume designers and technicians in lighting and sound.
  • Upper School students are invited to run drama clubs or direct shows for Lower School students, developing their skills in leadership and management.
  • There are Lower School and Upper School drama clubs with opportunities for students to showcase their work to parents at various points in the academic year.
  • Regular theatre trips enhance a student’s experience of drama and the role of theatre within society.

Students in Primary 1 to Primary 6 get one period of drama a week. The aim of these lessons is to develop basic skills in role play and characterisation encouraging them to reflect on the world around them.

Lower School Students in Remove and Lower 4 get a period of drama every week. Practical skills are built on from Junior School and students begin to analyse and evaluate their own and others’ practical work as well as continuing to explore and question the world of the characters they play.

Upper School Students get a period of drama every week throughout the academic year. There is progression in practical skill and knowledge and students begin to be prepared for National 5 Drama with an emphasis on the more technical aspects of drama. In Fifth Form, students can choose to take Drama at National 5 level and in Sixth Form there is the popular option of Higher and Advanced Higher level Drama.

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