Distance Learning at St George's School

Andy Leask, Head of English and Distance Learning, gives an introduction to our Distance Learning strategy at St George's using Office 365 and Microsoft Teams. By using Office 365 to deliver our online learning school curriculum we are also preparing students to work remotely, skills that will be needed for the 21st-century workplace.

We are using Office 365 to communicate with students and colleagues while engaged in distance learning. Teams offers us a space for each class or cohort to come together, to communicate with their teachers and their peers, in many different ways: 

'I have loved my online classes! The timed assignments worked really well and I had no issues with submitting my evidence. I have found our tasks and discussions extremely thought provoking and have even rewatched the Two Popes with my mum for further discussion. I have learnt so much in areas I previously knew little about and have as a result, done more research into the military cop in Argentina and Orthodox traditions'.    L6  Pupil
'I have been enjoying distance learning, it gives us an opportunity to move away from the exam syllabus (at the moment), allowing us to enjoy the content more and it means we can focus on very current, real life issues, helping put ‘everything’ in better context. I enjoy discussing a different topic every week, it means we receive a great range of new information that is fresh, exciting and interesting. The Microsoft Teams calls feel very relaxed, it's like a normal, back and forth conversation, allowing us to properly think and discuss rather than just monologue for forty minutes'.  -  L6 Pupil


  • We can issue instructions and respond to questions from students via text 

  • We can post videos explaining instructions, or outlining concepts 

  • Using the Meetings function we can engage in live lessons, demonstrating to students, asking them questions and responding to their questions and feedback instantly 

We regularly take work in from students, via Teams. Often this will be in a traditional format, albeit via a digital medium. Assignments can be used to conduct assessments for students, where we can take in written work (in Word documents, Class Notebook, or uploaded photos of handwritten responses), as well as conducting quizzes using Microsoft Forms and Clickview interactive videos.  

We are also embracing the opportunities afforded by the challenge of distance learning to engage students in new, more creative methods of practising, consolidating and demonstrating their learning through a variety of multimedia formats, such as sound and video recordings, and images (drawn, produced digitally or photographed). 

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