Leadership Opportunities at St George's Upper School

Leadership Opportunities

Every member of the Sixth Form at St George’s has the opportunity to take on a leadership role, and it is hoped that each and every girl will be a role model for younger students.

In Upper 6, there is a student leadership team, as well as a large prefect body, and these positions are elected by students and staff.  House Captains have the status of senior prefects, and carry out an important role in fostering a positive community spirit through house and charitable activities. 

Upper 6 students are also Form Prefects to younger year groups in Junior and Lower School, and many students take on additional roles such as a being a sixth form mentor, acting as helpers in subject areas, as well as leading teams, clubs and productions.

Students are encouraged to follow their interests and to develop skills that will help to prepare them for the world beyond sixth form. As part of the induction programme for Sixth Form, students are offered training in communication and organisational skills.

We are confident that St George’s girls have the energy, enthusiasm and commitment to inspire and involve other students in all areas of the school.