Morven talks about her life at St George's School, Edinburgh

Morven 250w

Ambition: to study Music at university

Coming from a small prep school

'I’ve been at St George’s for five years. I joined from a small prep school in the Borders. My parents and I visited a couple of schools in Edinburgh, and I decided on St George’s. My grandmother had been a pupil at neighbouring girls’ school, Lansdowne House, before the war, so we had a small connection. Coming from a small school which had a strong sense of community, it was great that I quickly developed a feeling of belonging.

'This school has a fantastic, supportive and close-knit community. I do think that being all girls has made a difference to me. Our teachers are exceptional and our relationships with the teachers are very special. A big part of this relationship is that we can just be ourselves with them. Some of my classes this year are very small; we get to know the teachers well, and we get lots of individual attention.

Building confidence

‘As Head Girl, I’ve had to learn to speak confidently at school occasions. My public speaking was put to the test very quickly at the start of the year by having to deliver a short speech five evenings on the trot! Practice for these sorts of occasions has come in many forms. Being part of the school Model United Nations team (MUN) at the George Watson’s and James Gillespie's inter-school events, in particular, has taught me to hold my own in
a debate and to speak confidently about current issues with pupils from other schools.

Academics and plans for university

‘Halfway through Lower 6, I decided I wanted to study Music at university. I hadn't studied GCSE Music, but I was able to work around this by taking Music as one of my Highers. This year I have been studying French, Russian History and Music for my Advanced Highers. My involvement in all areas of music at school and my music teachers have had a great deal of influence on my choice of degree. In my time here I have had four excellent music teachers to support and guide me. If I had been at another school, I am not sure whether I would have chosen Music as my degree.

‘I am hoping to get the grades I need to study Music at Manchester University. Earlier this year I had to attend an interview and submit a music composition as part of the admissions process. I received lots of help in preparing for this by having regular workshops as part of the Upper 6 enrichment programme. This was a great asset on the day, and I am so grateful for all the support the school has given me.'