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Ambition: to study International Relations and Politics at Universityemma rae 250w

‘My mother is an old St George’s girl so it seemed natural that I would follow in her footsteps and I started here in the Nursery. My brother was here in the Nursery as well and then moved to Edinburgh Academy.

‘Over the years I’ve enjoyed making friends across different age and friendship groups. Now I’m finishing my final year I feel as though all these groups have come together and I realise how much I value these friendships. I have a great network of friends with different interests and passions.


‘My choice of Highers last year was unusual: English, Maths, Chinese, History and Physics. I was keen to keep my options open. The flexibility and range of subjects on offer allowed me to do this. My parents are both accountants, so Maths and Economics would have been a comfortable option. I haven’t followed in their footsteps and have ended up taking History, Maths and English at Advanced Higher. By the middle of this year, I worked out that I wanted to study International Relations and Politics at university.

‘I have my History teachers to thank for sparking my interest in this. As a sixth former I have valued a more mature relationship with my teachers. The History course content of controlled assessments and dissertations has allowed me to work more independently which I’ve enjoyed. Getting involved in Amnesty International, debating, and Modern United Nations as part of my activities programme has been fun. They have opened my eyes and given me a much better appreciation of the wider world we live in.

Opening my mind

‘Going on international trips has been a key aspect of my time at St George’s. I went to Toronto in Canada in Upper 4 when I was 13 years old. I stayed with a host family and went to school with their daughter for a month. I also joined the trip to China after my GCSEs. Both of these experiences have made a lasting impression. I’ve grown up, learnt to see things in a different light and from a different perspective. I learnt to challenge myself and to be more adaptable. I’ve become more confident and willing to extend myself beyond my comfort zone. I feel as though I can deal with many more situations.

‘Overall I think St George’s has shown us that we can do anything we want to if we set our minds to it. This year’s speaker programme for the Sixth Form has had a whole range of motivating and passionate talks given by female speakers who have come in to talk to us about their careers, many of whom are old St George’s girls.

‘If I were asked to give a new girl some advice about St George’s, I would say don’t limit yourself, just do as much as possible and make the most of it; you will benefit from this when you have to make decisions, and it will help you work out what you like and what you don’t.’