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15 Dec 2017
India Talk

On Monday morning, Mrs Shruti Curiel came to talk to us about India because we are learning about India as part of our topic work. She told us all about where she grew up in Kerala, which is in the south and tropical, and the languages she learnt when she was growing up. She taught us how to say hello in Hindi. She showed us some pictures of different places in India and we saw how populated the cities are. We learnt about an elephant festival where the elephants are dressed up in golden decorations. The best thing was learning about the monkey temple in Rajasthan. Apparently, the monkeys are free to go where they want and sometimes they climb on you! We all decided that we should have a P6 trip there. We learnt a lot and it was really fun to see that, although many things are different, some things are the same. Thank you Mrs Curiel.

Sofia and Victoria, P6

India Talk

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