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09 May 2018
The 138 Outdoor Championship 2018

On the 28 April, my family and I went to the Cabin Equestrian Centre up in Aberdeen to do a show jumping competition. On the Saturday, I jumped the 138 Outdoor Championship. I was quite nervous because it was my first competition after giving my pony a break. It was quite a big course but after sitting on Jac, my pony, I felt much more reassured. He gets very excited at shows and that day he was extremely excited because of the break, but he was flying over the jumps.After I had completed a few jumps in the warm-up I felt great and I could tell he was really enjoying himself.

When it was my go to jump I walked down the arena and waited for the person before me to finish. I was last to go and only one person had gone clear at that time, so I knew that if I went clear the worst I could do was come second. When the person before me had finished I cantered up to the top of the arena, made sure I remembered my course, waited for the bell to tell me I could go, and then started. Jac flew round the course and I could tell that I was going to go clear when he took off to go over the last jump. It is an amazing feeling to know you have gone clear, you feel like you have really done everyone proud. I then went through to the jump off where I got one pole because I was trying to go so fast. After I got the pole I could have panicked, but I kept it cool and just kept going and was lucky I didn’t get any more down. It was very tense waiting to find out if I had won or not. As soon as I found out, I flung my arms around Jac and gave him a big hug. I was so happy.

Tess, L4X

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