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07 Jun 2018
Fundraising Afternoon

On Friday 1 June the Eco Committee, Charities Committee and the Pupil Council organised a fun afternoon to raise money for the Junior School playground. Everyone came to school dressed in their own clothes and the afternoon started off with a 30-minute sponsored fancy dress fun run. Lots of the girls chose to wear their onesies! There were dragons, gruffalos, dogs and cats as well as lots of different coloured hair and headdresses. The playground was alive with colour!

The girls had to run around a track stopping at different 'fun stations'. These included running backwards, posing for photographs, wriggling through tunnels and dodging water guns. Well done to everyone for taking part!

After the fun run, a variety of stalls had been set up in the playground at which the girls could have a turn. There was a karaoke and dance stall, X marks the spot, pin the badge on the medieval knight, goal scoring and many more. Luckily the rain held off until the end of the day and everyone had a great fun afternoon.

Here are some quotes from members of Pupil Council:

  • My favourite part of the fun afternoon was the dressing up and everything else. MarthaP3
  • The best bit of the fun afternoon was the fun run. Charlotte P5
  • I enjoyed getting wet at the water guns station! Zoey P3
  • My favourite thing was playing at the stalls and singing karaoke. Darcey P5
  • My favourite part of the fun run was the water station. Vinnie P5
  • My favourite part was Vinnie running in a banana suit and the water guns. Alicia P5
  • I enjoyed the Karaoke stand. Florence P4
  • I enjoyed dodging the water guns. Katie P4
  • My favourite bit was the water guns station in the fun run. Lily P4

So far, we have raised a staggering £2,231.85 from the afternoon’s events! The committees are looking forward to planning how to spend the money on our playgrounds and play areas.

Thank you very much to everyone for your contributions!

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