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27 Feb 2019
Primary 1 Playground Development

We are delighted to announce the completion of the Primary 1 grounds development; a conversion of a strip of relatively unused land outside the Primary 1 classrooms, into an outdoor learning space for exploration and investigation.

Based on the ideas of staff and Primary 1 pupils, Gus and the Earth Calling team have created some wonderful wooden structures which really transform the site. The two trees that were taken out in order to allow light in, were carefully cut and reused in the design, keeping our area beautifully rustic and natural.

Our French windows allow this space to become a real extension of our classrooms and it is already much in use. The girls are thrilled with the mushroom tables and fairy doors. They love the stepping logs and the bridge that connects the two tree platforms. Planters and birdboxes will be added shortly and with the warmer months approaching, both the Primary 1 and 2 girls are very much looking forward to all the learning opportunities our development has to offer.

We would like to thank Gus and his team for their work and all the St George’s parents who have contributed to our playground development projects through our fundraising events.

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