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02 May 2019
Primary 1 Visit the Zoo

As part of their senses topic, the Primary 1 girls went to Edinburgh Zoo to investigate how animals use their senses. At the Education Centre, Jonathan taught us that a snake uses its tongue to help it smell and how animals communicate using different sounds. We enjoyed using our own sense of touch to feel different animal skins and furs – and to feel the rough armour of a REAL armadillo! We were shown how to stroke a snake correctly so that we didn’t bend its scales and were surprised that it was dry and smooth, not slimy.

Afterwards, we toured the zoo, looking at lots of fascinating animals. We loved the squirrel monkeys and their babies, the Victoria crowned pigeons and the playful rhinoceros.

After a packed lunch, we all had fun in the zoo playpark before seeing the penguins ‘flying’ in the water. The day was sunny and we all had a great time.

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