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02 Feb 2022
Spring Revision @ St George’s Online

We are delighted to announce Spring Revision @ St George’s Online, the school’s first foray into digital learning for an external market  

Between 4th and 8th April, we will be offering a selection of revision classes via Teams nationally and internationally. Having gained a lot of experience over the last few years in delivering remote, blended and hybrid learning, our teachers are ideally equipped to offer online revision sessions, making good use of ICT to complement their subject knowledge and pedagogical expertise. 

This year, we will be offering spring revision sessions on: 

  • English – GCSE, N5, Higher, Advanced Higher 
  • Maths – Higher, A Level 
  • History – GCSE  
  • Latin – GCSE 

For more information, including a full timetable, visit St George's Revision Courses| Scottish Highers| Advanced Highers| GCSE ( 

You can book now online at Spring Revision @ St George's Online - 2022 | Eventbrite

While students enrolled at St George’s are, of course, welcome to attend these online revision classes there is no expectation that they do so. Students will receive revision support in their regularly timetabled lessons. 

There will be more exciting news about St George’s Online later this year.  

Andy Leask 

Head of e-Learning 

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