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11 May 2017
Greenland Expedition

On Wednesday 26 April, Max Roberts from Fettes College came to talk to us about his polar expedition to Greenland with pupils from Fettes and Broughton High School. He really inspired us with his experience of hard work and intense training. He trained hard for six months despite the hardships in his life - he lost several of his family members and was not doing well in school. ‘Craig Mathieson came to our school and announced he was going to take a few of us to Greenland next year,’ Max told us. ‘My friends and I signed up for it just for a laugh, not realizing that we would actually get selected. Two weeks later I received a letter saying that I had been chosen to go to Greenland.’

Max told us about his lifestyle in Greenland, how he had to eat 4000 calories of freeze dry food every day to make up for the calories he was burning whilst hiking. He had to sleep in extremely cold conditions, -35 degrees and on ‘warm’ days -20. He said how overwhelming it was when he saw the Northern Lights, as well as how magnificent his journey was. Max really inspired us to try our best at everything and we hope we might have the same opportunity to have such an amazing experience. 

Sofia and Komal, RX

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