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05 Oct 2017
P5 Trip to the Botanics

This week Primary 5 have been learning about trees. We went on a trip to the Botanics to find out more and create some art work as part of our topic.  The first thing we did was meet our teacher, Ginger, who was working with us for the day. She took us outside to draw pictures of some of the trees.

For the first picture we were asked to focus on just a few leaves on the birch tree. The catch was that we weren’t allowed to look at our paper as we were drawing! This was very tricky as we had to stop our partners from peeking.

As we walked to find our second tree, we saw birds and lots of friendly squirrels hoping for some food. We then drew another picture looking at the huge trunk and branches of a magnificent beech tree. Our pictures were all so different but all of them looked wonderful and interesting.

On our walk around, we saw many different types of trees which are native to Scotland. We saw oak trees, rowan trees, pine trees and got to smell the berries from a juniper tree.

When we got back to the woodland classroom we started creating our final pictures. Ginger taught us how to do something called batik. Batik is a type of art from Indonesia and is created by drawing with melted wax and using dyes instead of paint.

First we had to draw the picture onto a large sheet of paper then trace it onto a piece of fabric to create a pattern.  It was then time to use the melted wax. We had to be very careful and use a special tool called a tjanting tool to drip the wax onto the fabric. Finally, we used coloured dye to make our batik art really stand out.

We had a great time learning about so many different trees and our batik art looks fantastic on our classroom windows, especially when the sun shines through.

Sophia-Rose, P5X

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