Open Mornings and Visits at Private Schools in Edinburgh
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09 Oct 2017
Alex Hems: Head's Blog Oct 9, 2017

Alex Hems’ Open Morning Speech 7th October 2017 Welcome to St George's. I am Alex Hems, and I have the great privilege of leading this school.    There are four key elements to St George’s that I hope you will take away in your memories of today. We...

06 Oct 2017
Alex Hems: Head's Blog Oct 6, 2017

Can Resilience be taught? Resilience is one of the big buzzwords in education at the moment, and it is certainly an attribute that we all recognise as important in any successful adult. It encompasses the ability to recover quickly from setbacks, to ...

26 Sep 2017
Alex Hems: Head's Blog Sept 26, 2017

What to Look for When You Visit a School for a School Tour or an Open Day  Written by Mrs Alex Hems, Head of St George’s School, Edinburgh  Choosing the right school for your child feels like a huge responsibility and the choice may feel bewildering....

22 Sep 2017
Alex Hems: Head's Blog Sept 22, 2017

How does one go about choosing a university? That is the question on the minds of many of the Upper 6 at the moment. I am sure they are excited by the opportunities they can see before them, but daunted in equal measure by the sheer range of choice a...

08 Sep 2017
Alex Hems: Head's Blog Sept 8, 2017

A Growth Mindset for Girls   Introduction to Mrs Hems' video talk:  'At St George’s we believe that children and young people flourish when they are busy and feel that they have a part to play in their school community.  We want all our girls to do a...

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