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21 Sep 2018
Big Question Debate

On Friday the 21 September, the Sixth Form had a very engaging Big Question Debate about what came first, the chicken or the egg. The debate surrounded the definition of ‘the egg’ and whether it was a proto-chicken’s egg or a true-chicken’s egg. If i...

19 Sep 2018
Upper 6 Receive a Talk from Members of Alcoholics Anonymous

On Wednesday 19 September, the Upper 6 year received a talk from members of Alcoholics Anonymous. They told us their stories and highlighted the importance of sharing our feelings and being honest to ourselves and others. They also discussed how we s...

14 Sep 2018
The Man from Northumbia University

On Friday 14 a man from Northumbia University, called Oli, came to speak to the 6th Form about learning to succeed. His enthusiasm was inspirational as he was joking around but highlighting the important message of be yourself and you will be happy. ...

12 Sep 2018
Choosing a University Course

On Wednesday 12 September, Elke Tinnacher came to speak to the Upper Sixth year group about choosing a course and university. This was particularly helpful for the undecided students, who are yet to choose their courses, along with the Oxbridge, medi...

11 Sep 2018
Presentation to 6th Form

On Friday 7 September, Mrs Latimer spoke to the Sixth From about her great-grandfather, Archibald Allan Bowman. He studied philosophy and classics at the University of Glasgow, graduating with first class honours and a second class degree respectivel...

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