26 Nov 2018

Inspirational Books

On Friday 23 November, Miss Lancaster spoke to the Sixth Form about the most inspirational books she has read. The first most inspirational book she read was ‘Rebecca’, where she was excited about the romantic aspects of the novel. It enabled her to experience emotions, situations and settings she had not yet encountered in her life. She believes that books have the most impact depending on when you read them and what is happening in your life at that time. Miss Lancaster also declared falling in love with the characters from the ‘Great Gatsby’ and being totally transported by the book. She also loved To the Lighthouse because of its unconventional writing style with the stream of consciousness allowing the reader to fully explore the characters’ thoughts and feelings.

‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’ was a book that she took a lot of advice from including “you never really know a man until you stand in his shoes and walk around in them”. This means a lot to her as it fights prejudice to make people more sensitive and understanding of what other people are going through. Miss Lancaster’s speech was inspirational and has motivated many of us to read these outstanding books, without judgement, because you never know till you open the first page.

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