Teaching staff

Annessa Ashkanani
Modern Studies, August 2018 – June 2021, 3 years

Annessa joined the staff of St George's as Teacher of Modern Studies in 2018 from her probation year spent at Royal High School. Although Modern Studies has become an increasingly popular subject since it was introduced here in the late 1980s, Annessa was our first specialist teacher of the subject and she has done much to develop students’ examination skills and to promote interest in national and international politics and current affairs. Her passion for her subject and her enthusiasm as a teacher have won the respect and loyalty of all she has taught. A passionate advocate for social justice and inclusion, she has also sought ways to promote awareness of discrimination and has worked tirelessly with students to educate and inform others about the effects of bias and prejudice.

Annessa quickly immersed herself in the school community, becoming a Boarding Tutor in her first session. In 2019, she became Head of Year and has supported the current Upper 5 through their GCSE years and the period of supported home learning with sensitivity, good humour and energy.

We wish her well as she moves on to the post of Teacher of Modern Studies at Dunbar Grammar School.