06 Jan 2021
Why All-through Schools Deliver a Seamless Education Experience

Many of us will remember the summer before we moved into ‘big school’. The excitement of a new school mixed with trepidation as we worried about ‘fitting in’. For some it is a chance to reinvent themselves, for others it presents an unsettling experi...

02 Sep 2020
The Power of An All-Girls' Education

I vividly remember, in the Christmas holidays of my final year at my all-through girls’ school, not unlike St George’s, going to a series of lectures and seminars in London designed for English A Level students. I had finished my Oxford entrance exam...

05 May 2020
Remote Learning and the Co-curriculum

When an All-round Education is a Major Part of Your Educational Offering, how do you Offer a Co-curricular Programme During Supported Home Learning?Around the world, we are experiencing unparalleled school closures that have led to academic provision...

04 Mar 2020
What to Expect From St George’s Sixth Form

What to Expect from St George's Sixth Form. Click on the image above or the following link https://adobe.ly/3cM1SXF to see a multimedia version of the article. Before teenagers take the final steps into adulthood, they must gain the confidence to tac...

18 Feb 2020
The Benefits of Nursery School

During a child’s formative early years, it’s so important that positive growth, wellbeing and development are supported. At St George’s School for Girls, we offer a quality nursery school experience, in a warm and caring environment which aims to nur...