08 Jan 2020
How to Prepare for Entrance Assessments

January signals the start of S1 entrance assessments throughout independent schools across Edinburgh. These assessments are designed to allow the school to place your child in the right environment for their abilities and to also enable the child to ...

17 Dec 2019
How You Can Best Finance Your School Fees

There are nearly 30,000 pupils in Scottish independent schools and last year around one in four pupils in Edinburgh attended an independent school. The average Junior day school fees sits at around £10,000 per year, while for Senior school this is ar...

28 Oct 2019
The Fine art of Debate Seems Lost on our Rowdy Politicians

Being able to debate is an art form. A skilled debater must be able to articulate not only their views but the views of others.The fiery exchanges observed in the Commons in recent weeks have provided a textbook example of unhealthy debate and highli...

25 Oct 2019
My Role in an Independent School: Duncan Wright, Senior Librarian

(This article was commissioned by SCIS for their website)Libraries are at the heart of Scotland’s independent schools. Far from just being a place to borrow books, the modern school library offers a place for students to learn, relax and connect with...

25 Mar 2019
An interview with Mark Ashmore, Head of Science at St George's, on how independent schools are helping to bridge the gender gap in STEM subjects

According to CBI statistics, 66% of businesses are concerned about the lack of suitably skilled workers to fill high-skill job roles in the future. Additionally, The Royal Society of Edinburgh have gone on record stating that “more needs to be done” ...