19 Mar 2019
St George's Numeracy Guide

It is often mentioned at parents’ evenings that family members would like to help their daughter with their homework but they are wary of doing so in case they use a different method from the one that their child has been taught. Download our set of ...

09 Oct 2018
Alex Hems, Head of St George’s, Open Morning Speech October 2018

Welcome to St George's. I am Alex Hems, and I have the great privilege of leading this school. A word about my background: before coming here nearly two years ago I was Deputy Head in charge of pastoral and boarding life in a large, full boarding sch...

02 Oct 2018
Screens, Smartphones and Social Media: Tools, Not Tyrants

The science about what screens and social media do to us and our daughters and strategies for healthy use.Earlier this month, Nicola Morgan, award-winning author of Blame My Brain, The Teenage Guide to Life Online and The Teenage Guide to Stress spok...

10 Mar 2018
How to help your child prepare for Primary 1 at school

 To get the insider's view, click on the play button to watch our Settling in to Primary 1 video narrated by this year's Primary 1 (5 minutes)As the head of the Junior School at St George’s, I enjoy offering advice and support to help girls and their...

08 Feb 2018
The Importance of Play in the Pre-school Year: Key Facts Every Parent Should Consider

Do you have a daughter who is 3 or 4 years-old who will be entering her pre-school year in August?Are you wondering what she should be learning in pre-school?Developing and learning through play form the foundations of all our early learners’ experie...