29 Aug 2017
Outdoor Learning at School – why do we do it?

At St George’s, we understand the enormous benefits to our children of learning in the outdoors and, therefore, provide opportunities for this at every stage of the Junior School. Timetabled into the curriculum, outdoor learning covers a variety of s...

06 Apr 2017
A guide to private and independent schools in Scotland

The difference between private and independent schools The terms ‘private’ and ‘independent’ schools are often used interchangeably and usually mean the same thing.In Scotland, schools tend to describe themselves as independent schools instead of usi...

03 Apr 2017
What to Look for When You Visit a School for a School Tour or an Open Day

What to Look for When You Visit a School for a School Tour or an Open Day Written by Mrs Alex Hems, Head of St George’s School, Edinburgh  Choosing the right school for your child feels like a huge responsibility and the choice may feel bewildering. ...

14 Nov 2016
A parent's perspective of S1 at St George's

“A year on, the girls have matured and are thriving in many ways”We asked a parent of Lower School twins about her experience as the girls finished their first year at St George’s. This is what she told us… My 13 year-old twins have just finished Low...

14 May 2013
Dr Leonard Sax talks about Single Sex Education

St George's was delighted to welcome Dr Leonard Sax, a highly acclaimed American psychologist, family doctor and writer to the school last week. Dr Sax is an impressive speaker and passionately believes that girls and boys should be taught separately...