14 Nov 2016

A parent's perspective of S1 at St George's

“A year on, the girls have matured and are thriving
in many ways”

parent case study 175wWe asked a parent of Lower School twins about her experience as the girls finished their first year at St George’s.

This is what she told us…

My 13 year-old twins have just finished Lower 4 (S1) in Lower School. It was their first year at St George’s, having come from our local primary in the Lothians.  

My husband attended a single-sex school so when we started to consider our options for secondary education, St George’s was on our list.  We visited on an Open Day and left impressed by the confidence of the girls who showed us round; they seemed so at ease and comfortable with their surroundings.

Prompted by this experience, and impressed with the list of leavers’ university courses and destinations, we decided to progress our interest further.

they wanted to get to know each of them as individuals

Over the next few months, we visited with the twins on a number of occasions and each time the staff were warm and approachable. There was a true desire to get to know the girls. Being twins the girls were used to being spoken to together. We were pleased to see that the St George’s staff didn’t do this; they spoke to each girl separately. They wanted to get to know each of them as individuals. One member of staff even remembered that one of our girls had a collection of fossils and they took a keen interest in asking her about this.

Looking round the campus we liked the fact that the facilities for the middle school years were on one campus. It felt a safe and secure environment with no lengthy walks to sporting facilities or bus drives across town to other school facilities.

We decided to enrol the girls, and now a year on, the girls have matured and are thriving in many ways.  For a start they just take school in their stride, they are more self-sufficient and independent. They think ahead, plan their school days and their homework. At the beginning of the year they had to get used to getting the bus or train in every day from Lasswade. This they now do easily, either independently or together.

They like the Lower school campus; it’s small and friendly. They feel known and valued by the other girls and teachers.  There is a real sense of community. They are taught in small classes and since there are only three year-groups in the Lower School, everything is very specific to the middle school years.

Being all-girls together there is a sense of calm with no disruptions from boys. They don’t feel pressurised or lacking in confidence to ask questions to staff or other girls. They can talk freely to their friends and it’s normal to enjoy Maths, Science and Computing. There are no boys around to worry about. It just feels natural and normal to be themselves.

Yes, it is academic but the girls don’t feel pressurised. The culture is one of high achievement, but not overly stressful.  They see it as being normal and work hard. One of the twins is beginning to think about taking Computer Science at university.

Beyond the classroom they are learning all sorts of new skills and taking part in a wide range of activities through clubs and sport teams. They want to get involved and take part. One of the twins has taken a real shine to Drama, something we would never have believed a year ago!