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18 May 2017
Gardening Scotland - May

Ella and Imogen counting the willow sticks.  Ella firming in the sticks.  Erin filling a colander with compost ready for planting lettuce.  Erin well done, all ready.  Finn digging a hole for the sweet pea plant.  Grace peeping through a strawberry E...

17 May 2017
Gardening Scotland - April

Alba and Lydia look what you have made.  Alba using the little power screwdiver.   Alba, Lydia and Finn sorting out the screws.   Audrey watering the tub.   Grace watering the nasturtiums.    

27 Apr 2017
Nursery Green Fingers - Working with Tools

The children have used real tools to saw, drill and screw the wooden planks and hinges together (under the careful supervision of Mrs Watson!) to create trellis structures for displaying the plants.  

26 Apr 2017
Nursery Green Fingers - The Theme

The children have talked about the theme for the entry with nursery teachers and contributed their own ideas about the design. The children have made a pom-pom spider, sewn buttons onto red material to create a ladybird and made a worm from a pair of...

25 Apr 2017
Nursery Green Fingers - Potatoes

The children have planted five bags of early potatoes which, in this warm weather, are growing fast.  

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