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10 Oct 2017
Catch the Robots Bug Competition

Robotic Hand 250wThe Upper 4 and some Lower 6 talked to the very marvellous Dr Ayanna Howard about robotics last month in a transatlantic Skype call. She was very patient and friendly and answered all their questions in an informative and appealing way. Melisa in Upper 4 said she found the talk very interesting and thought provoking. Fiyin in the Lower 6 was particularly interested as she wants to study engineering at university. The girls won this opportunity in the "Catch the Robots' Bug" competition last summer. You can see more of Dr Howard at:

And what inspired her to enter into robotics? She says it was watching the Bionic Woman series back in the late '70s!

Robotic Hand 3 200wAbout our Project

The robotic technology we chose to focus on was robotic limbs. We chose this topic as we knew how important this is to people who have lost a limb due to amputation, disease or birth problems. We decided to focus on three topics about robotic limbs: why you might need a robotic limb, what they are and how they work. We all had an interest in this topic.

It was hard to find good trustworthy websites on this topic, but we managed to find information that we could use on our project. From our research we learnt that robotic limbs are very complex but a basic need for those suffering the loss of arms and legs.

Websites we used:

We used this website as the address sounds trustworthy.

We clicked on this website and it looked trustworthy.

Nasa is well known. (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

We used a few other websites as well.

Robot NASA 175wWe decided to split our group. Half of us started creating and thinking up ideas for our main project, and the other two would find research on the criteria for the competition. Then we found an original idea: A website. We built a website because we thought it was a great way of getting information across to people. We felt that since a website was a more interactive way of getting across to people, our classmates would not get bored and could explore the website for themselves. - our website domain.

Sophie, Marcie, Grace, and Katie.

Robots 640w

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