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08 Nov 2017
The Everest Reading Challenge

P1020022The Everest Reading challenge is a challenge for Removes and Lower 4s that gives them an experience of what it was like for Matt Dickinson when he climbed Mount Everest. The Challenge is based on his new book, The Everest Files.

Everest 250wOn the 4 October we had an assembly about the challenge. Many other schools around Scotland are also taking part in the challenge. The aim of the book was to expand students' knowledge on Mount Everest and the experience people go through to get to the summit. Everyone will be given a copy of the book in their English lessons. The point of the challenge is to encourage people to reach and conquer the summit. The Everest files is a book about Matt Dickinson reaching the summit of Mount Everest and his high and low feelings and experiences. We are really looking forward to expanding our knowledge of the Himalayan Mountain. Over October and November, Matt Dickinson will be going to lots of schools across Scotland to talk about his experience. You can watch an introduction to the challenge at

The Everest Files also include information on how to survive storms and how to tell when an avalanche is on its way. The library has a copy of the Everest Files book for anyone who is interested in reading it. Miss Barr will be reading the book to any curious P6s, as they are not old enough to read it by themselves.

By Skye and Mhairead


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