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08 Nov 2017
Welcome to Lower School Eco Committee

Eco Committee 640wHello, we are your Lower School Eco Committee and we would like to give you an update on what we have been discussing so far.

The 2017-2018 committee consists of Stella the Chair, Kenzie the Vice Chair, the Secretaries are Heidi and Saanvi and the Eco committee also includes Grace, Darcey, Alex, Kendal, Julia, Abbie, Olivia, Ishbel, Frema, Rachel, Hattie,  Charlotte, Tilly, Zumrad, Iona,  Connie, Ellie and Dr Molyneux. Our committee has a range of age groups from 9-12 years old.

In September, we carried out an environmental review of Lower School. From this, we did our action plans.  Some of the things we are working towards for our action plans are energy, litter and biodiversity. We discussed these in our meetings and we are also up for any suggestions from anyone in Lower School, so just tell your form Eco representatives.

Green 250wWe have now completed the action plans and these will go up on the notice board beside LS5.  Last term, we sold the apples from the orchard, and some staff bought some of the vegetables – mostly potatoes and cabbages – that were planted last session.  We now have a small amount of money in the Lower School Eco budget that we are going to spend on bulbs to make the tubs look lovely in the spring, and other ideas to do with our three areas of focus.  Anyone can come along to do some digging and planting, so just speak to your Eco rep to find out what is going on.  There are still some potatoes to be lifted, and there will be a few sprouts ready just before Christmas.

As your eco committee we will be updating you from class to class about progress with the action plans so that you know what is going on.  We will make announcements at assemblies and tell you more about our plans for the Lower School Eco Day of Action.

Each Eco rep will take responsibility for asking the teacher at the end of the lesson if the smartboard should be turned off, and will turn it off if the teacher has already gone.  We hope this will reduce wasting electricity.

The Eco Rap needed to be updated, so we had a competition last year. The winners were Julia and Judy.  They performed their Eco Rap at assembly and each received their prizes of a St George’s water bottle, Fair Trade banana and a Fair Trade KitKat. 

Well done, Julia and Judy!

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