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09 Nov 2017
ALUMNAE - 10 Year Reunion for Class of 2007

2007 640wOn Saturday 4 November, we held a 10 Year Reunion for the girls who left in 2007, at the St George's Centre, and it was a huge success!  42 alumnae from the year group attended and they were given tours around the campus by some of our boarders. Just before the alumnae had lunch, they were entertained by April (U6) who sang a song from 'A Women's Legacy', a workshop which the 6th Form have devised and is being showcased this week. The alumnae all enjoyed a delicious lunch and Lara Watt, the Head Girl from the Class of 2007 said a few words of thanks. After departing St George's, the alumnae all headed into Edinburgh to carry on their Reunion. It was a very happy occasion and we look forward to staying in touch with this year group for many years to come!

Following the Reunion, Lara Watt wrote the following words to all those who attended:

"Thank you to all those who made such an effort to come together yesterday. I'm sure many of you felt that we just picked the conversations up where we left off 10 years ago which was so lovely.

10 years is not in the grand scheme of things a long time. However, the last 10 years have of course been some of the most crucial of our lives - developing ourselves personally and working out what we want to pursue in life. And wow - what a bunch of incredible fun women we have become!

Personally, St George's was such a happy time, upon which I reflect with only fond memories. 13 years which gave me lifelong friendship and confidence for my future. The school which we were able to reminisce about yesterday is such a special place but it's the people - students and staff - who make it and yesterday really reminded me of that. Thank you for being part of it and embracing the occasion."

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