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23 Nov 2017
Gilmerton Cove

On Sunday 19 November, we went on a trip to Gilmerton Cove. It is one of the most intriguing and enigmatic mysteries in Edinburgh. Gilmerton Cove is a series of hand carved passageways and chambers. No one knows how these chambers were previously used. One man called Blacksmith Patterson claimed that he built this cove all by himself in 5 years, but according to archaeology this is impossible. The woman who toured us told me that historians have different thoughts about the cove. Some say it was an illegal whisky distillery and some say it was a blacksmith’s workshop, but in my opinion it was a pub because there was a chamber that looked as though people could sit around and put their drinks on the table. The tour was fun, and I found many tiny transparent bugs on the wall that were really interesting.

Alex, L6

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