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23 Nov 2017
P5 Scottish SPCA Visit

On Tuesday, we had a visit from Nicky who works for the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. She talked to us about the work of the charity and the different jobs people do there.

We watched some videos, which showed the SSPCA at work, helping wild animals like seals and deer and also coming to the rescue of neglected pets. Another video told us what we should do if we were worried about an animal.

We played an SSPCA version of Snakes and Ladders where you had to answer some quite tricky questions about animals to go up the ladders – and prevent you from sliding down a snake! We all had great fun and learned so much. My favourite fact was that beavers have a third eyelid so that they can see underwater without getting sore eyes.

Annabel, P5Y

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