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23 Nov 2017
P5 Skype Texas

P5 Skype 640wThe Primary 5 girls have been working very hard over the last few weeks, researching some of our native Scottish animals: the badger, the otter, the puffin and the red squirrel. The girls worked in teams to create an educational board display and a PowerPoint presentation, studying aspects of appearance, habitat, diet, breeding, predators and threats.

Although specialising in one animal, the share of information at the end of the topic meant that the girls all found out lots about each creature. Each class presented their PowerPoints to their peers and the favourite was voted in. The final saw the P5X Badgers, the P5Y Otters and the P5Z Puffins up against each other, after which the whole year group voted for the overall winner. Rachel, Florence and Jamala of the Otters were delighted to claim this title and very excited about the prize: being the team to present their findings to a class in America.

5th Grade students of Trinity Valley School in Texas came into class early on Wednesday morning to take part in the digital exchange (8.00am for them, 2.00pm for us). Despite some technological hiccups, the Otters team successfully completed their presentation and the Texans enjoyed learning about one of our most loved native animals.

After the presentation, the floor was opened up to general questions from both sides and the children enjoyed discovering what similarities and differences there were between the two schools.

With the Texans coming to grips with a new system they were using, much was learned that will be taken forward to our next Skype in order to facilitate a much smoother share. On our side, we had the wonderful support of Mr Fleming who ensured that our set up was good to go and who helped coach the Trinity Valley School teachers to enable the exchange.

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