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23 Nov 2017
Primary 3 Zoom Through Space!

Planet Dome 2On Tuesday 21 November the Primary 3 girls were extremely excited to find that the COSMOS Planetarium inflatable dome had touched down in the Junior School Hall! 

Under the command of their space captain, Steve, the girls were taken on a 3D journey to the Moon, looking at past moon landings and imagining how we all might be able to make the journey in the future. They flew through the icy rings of Saturn and explored the deep waters recently discovered beneath the surface of Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons. They saw Tim Peake blast off into space and discovered what life is like in the International Space Station. After flying through all the planets of the Solar System they then learnt how to navigate by the stars at night.

It was a really exciting morning, thoroughly enjoyed by both classes and the nursery girls, who managed to sneak a quick peak too!

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