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05 Dec 2017
The Everest Reading Challenge Update

A couple of weeks before half-term we were given the book 'The Everest Files' in our English lessons and encouraged to read it over half-term. Once we had read the book we had to complete a poster answering questions about Mount Everest. We had 5 questions to complete and at the end we had to insert or draw a picture of ourselves on the top of Mount Everest.

Everyone enjoyed reading the book and we were all amazed at Matt Dickinson's creative imagination. The book was about a teen called Ryan who travelled to Kathmandu to go on an expedition up Mount Everest. On his journey he meets a girl called Shreeya who had heard nothing of her friend Kami who had gone up Mount Everest and had not returned. Ryan decides to travel up Mount Everest to try and find Kami. Once he found Kami he heard a most extraordinary story but we won't tell you anything about that because that would ruin the story.

On 28 November Matt came into judge our posters, sign some autographs and answer our questions about his experience. We were all intrigued by his answers and his positive attitude.


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