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30 Jan 2018
Buddhist Meditation

The Primary 5 year group have been studying some of the teachings and traditions of the Buddhist philosophy. P5Y were lucky enough to have an expert in their midst and were delighted when Mrs Fowler came into class to show us some Buddhist objects and teach us some meditation skills.

The class thoroughly enjoyed trying out the meditation stool, making the chimes ting and the singing bowls sing. They appreciated the beauty of the cushions and the purses, and loved the warm woolly socks! They were able to describe the five key elements of the statue of the Buddha and smell the incense sticks. We studied the prayer flags and understood how messages of goodwill and happiness can really turn somebody’s day around.

But best of all, the girls loved trying out some meditation techniques, focused around relaxing breathing. We felt calm and tranquil as Mrs Fowler talked us through the exercises, losing ourselves in the energy and shedding our daily worries. As one class member put it, “I felt lost in the depths of my mind”. In fact, some girls got so relaxed that they fell asleep!

Mrs Fowler had the class fully engaged and inspired. She has kindly let us keep her Buddhist things to complement our topic and for the other classes to enjoy as well. Many thanks to her for a wonderful session!

Primary 5Y

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