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31 Jan 2018
Young Writers Poetry Competition

The Young Writers Poetry Competition was run by the Young Writers Association. The theme was Truth or Dare. Anushka (Lower 6) and Eva (Lower 4) both won the superb prize of seeing their original poems published in an anthology called 'The Poetry Games' which is due out in March.

Because We Are Human

He paints in colours bright and bold
Yet soft and sweet and soothing too
Creating beauty - worth equal to gold.
Capturing the sky’s shades of blue
They marvel at his masterpiece;
The curves that captivate and enthral.
Wonder how and hear the reply with ease.
“Art is part of humanity, after all.”

As hard as diamond, yet soft as a petal,
Music, the common ground of the poor and the rich,
Brought by voice and by metal,
Interweaving harmony, melody and perfect pitch.
Contrived by even those that cannot see.
Enchanting musical notes that do endear
And most believe, and often agree;
The soul of humanity lies right here.

Brisk shoes move down corridors,
The buzzing of machines fills the air
Doctors confer behind closed off doors
While patients and relatives whisper a prayer.
The good news is quickly delivered;
And with smiles of joy and no longer gloomy.
They say their thanks and are gently answered.
“Being part of humanity it is, but our duty.”

Yet, the clouds gather above
And children huddle in the shelter
Coldly, devoid of love,
Do they shower bombs helter-skelter
Lives are lost below,
As great leaders argue from warm rooms.
The answer to the child that asks “Why though?”
“This is humanity. It is our doom.”

A gentle sacred act,
The replenishment of life..
Cruelly, harshly attacked
Replaced with the destruction of life
Screams go unheard,
Pleas for mercy are ignored
The monster of lust is stirred,
As the devil and humanity sign their concord.

Peaceful places, bustling squares,
Torn apart by terror and fear,
As masked men kill with the aim to scare
People are anguished by the loss of those dear
The same coin shows two faces, (keeping us reminded);
Of cruelty and kindness,
United, yet divided;
Must humanity’s fate be this?

In praise of Autumn

Season of dried up plants and glimpses of sun,
When very few bloom, but lots pass away,
Fruit turns every different colour of the blooming rainbow,
Some look depressed! others look saddened.,
Veg grows old, and slug and snail feast,
Leaves look glamorous as they take on glowing orange tans,
As the sad mist falls in, crowding the streets,
Leaves start to wrinkle, and crumble like a crisp
Allowing the blue screaming wind,
Take them to an unknown place

As hunting season begins, not ending for months on month,
As October holidays brim, and everyone getting ready to travel,
The wind whistles,
Chicks sing, forming a morning choir,
As man and eagle hunt together,
Taking down stag to beast,
As eagles wear fashion and beauty

And saddles are styles with unique additions,
Food is collected to ration for winter,
And squirrels race to bury their stash,
As the season gets wetter, and mud turns to gulp,
Now everyone is wearing wellies,
But soon the season will pass, and winter will come strolling in,
And kill off the season, that we all know and love as Autumn

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