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30 Jan 2018
Lower School Book of Excellence

Excellence 640wCongratulations to the following girls who have recently signed the Book of Excellence:

  1. Aglaja in P6P for an excellent talk about her pet cat.
  2. Sofia in P6P for a beautifully written article on Oil Production.
  3. Monica in P6P for an outstanding performance of 'To a Haggis',
  4. Isabella and Sophia in Remove for their outstanding 'Top Secret Assignments' in History. They went beyond what was required to them in terms of detail and exemplification.
  5. Yvette in Lower 4 for a sensitively written and beautifully presented story called The Winter Guest.
  6. Yvette, Isla and Louise in Lower 4 for their projects on Queen Margaret of Scotland, which showed great historical understanding and empathy, as well as being beautifully written.

 Excellence 584w

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