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31 Jan 2018
Primary 2 Make Their Own Pizzas

On Tuesday 23 January, Primary 2 visited Pizza Express as part of their 'Food, Glorious, Food' topic. We all learnt how to make a pizza. First you have to flatten the dough by kneading it into a circle. Then you have to spread it out in a pizza pan. After that you spread on some tomato sauce all over the dough and finally you sprinkle cheese on it before putting it into the oven. When the pizzas came out of the oven, they smelt delicious and we couldn't wait to get back to school to eat them!

Here are some of the things we learned and enjoyed from our trip:

  • My favourite part was when we drove back to school and we ate the pizza. Mine was really cheesy!' Isla G
  • My favourite part was clapping my hands to make the pizza. This made the pizza dough nice and flat! Tabitha
  • I learnt that they use basil in their sauce. Larissa
  • I learned how to push the dough into a circle.  Lucy
  • My favourite part was when we ate the pizza. Sophie
  • My favourite part was putting the cheese on. Emily


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