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22 Feb 2018
Remove Social with Merchiston

Remove Social 640wOn 2nd February, Remove joined with Merchiston for a social event. It was a ceilidh-disco, so we did four ceilidh dances followed by a disco. In the first of these we had to hold our partner's hand. Then we stepped forward three times, spun around and stepped backwards three times. We finished by spinning around twice.

For the second dance we stood in a set of six, opposite our partners. Then we spun around with the left hand, spun around with the right, and then spun around with both, before doing a dos-à-dos. Then the top couple skipped down the middle and formed a bridge, which all the couples went through.

For the third dance we had to spin around with the middle person in the set and then the top couple started again. The fourth dance was the most difficult, we had to do four dance steps and then go through a bridge to the next set.

After the ceilidh bit we had a disco. There were flashing colourful lights and the DJ played lots of music. We even got to request some of the songs. In the middle we stopped to have a snack of crisps and juice. All throughout the evening everyone was dancing, and it was really fun. Everyone is looking forward to the next event.  

By Clara and Anaysa RP

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