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22 Mar 2018
500 Word Story

500W 1 160w2All of Primary 6 have been writing 500 word stories for the BBC Radio 2 competition. We all had to write a story about anything that we wanted that was 500 words or less and we had three weeks in which to write our story. It was optional to submit it, and some people did and others just wrote their story for the fun of it. There was a wide variety of characters in the stories we wrote.

Mine was about a little alien called Leo who got lost on earth and ran out of water for his magical tree. Charlotte’s was, naturally enough, about two guinea pigs who escaped from their cage and found a cat. It was really hard to get it down to 500 words: we had to go back and change the words to have the detail we wanted without using too many words. It was fun! When I was doing it, I had to go really fast as time was running out and I think there may have been some spelling errors, but the good thing is that spelling and punctuation don’t matter in this competition. And the best part is that the gold winners get the height of Chris Evans in books and 500 books for their school library, the silver winners get the height of the Honorary Judge, the Duchess of Cornwall, and the bronze winner get their own height of books.

We won’t know if we have got through to the next round until April, and then the final is in June.

Victoria and Charlotte, P6P

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