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22 Mar 2018
The Play That Goes Wrong

play 640wA group of lower school girls enjoyed a trip to the theatre to see the hilarious and aptly named The Play That Goes Wrong.

The girls from P6, Remove and Lower Four enjoyed an evening of laughter at the Festival Theatre. The concept of a play within a play, physical theatre, collapsing set and clumsy props tickled the girls' sense of humour.

The girls chose the play themselves and were involved in the organisation and leadership of the event.

  • "It was great fun," said Charlotte of L4. "I enjoyed researching the shows that were available to us this term and this one sounded the best."
  • "I laughed so much," said Robyn of L4.
  • "I definitely want to help choose our next theatre trip again, " said Hartley of Remove. "I enjoyed designing posters for the evening, making sure my poster contained all the relevant details."
Reviews 18 640wThe play that goes wrong goes right for audience!

This play was about a murder mystery. It was supposed to be a play within a play and watching people putting on a play. It started going wrong before it had even begun. At one point it looked like someone was going to fall off the top floor.

My best bit was when they were trying to pull someone out the window and you saw her pants.

I think this play was hilarious because it went wrong but it also was a bit terrifying at some points when it looked like someone was going to get badly hurt.  

Overall it was a great night and I recommend this play to anyone who likes a good laugh.

Alex, L4Q

The play that goes wrong went right for the audience

The play is about a murder which turns into actors forgetting lines, stage falling apart and even actors falling over; it will make you laugh your head off and warning!  Don’t drink water during it because you might spit it out and it might go on other people. It is that funny!

I thought it was hysterical and very good that they used the audience at the beginning. I would love to watch it all over again. It also makes you think that all plays are not perfect and by far it has been my favourite play. Next time I would love to bring more friends.


The Play that Goes Wrong Went Right for the audience

An extremely hilarious and attention-catching play, it was a series of things that goes wrong, like props falling off the walls, actors forgetting their lines, having to get step-in actors for the original actors and the set falling apart.

It was an amazing play filled excitement and adventure. It was very funny and quite scary at parts. A well put together play, they must have rehearsed hard to be able to pull of all the stunts and tricks. Seeing how much effort and hard work was put into it, makes it even more enjoyable.


The Play that Goes Wrong Goes Right for the Audience

The Play that Goes Wrong is another comedy that follows the term of ‘so bad that it’s good.’ Jokes aren’t overused, and running gags are split separately throughout both Act I and Act II. For the story’s convenience, everything slowly descends into insanity really grasping the audience’s attention. Props and acting were handled better than anything else in the play, even if part of the acting was purposely created to serve its purpose of ‘being bad.’ Props were incredibly timed and the best part of the show, what truly caused the show to lose any form of serious sanity it once had.

For a murder mystery, the whodunit atmosphere is satirised by the comedy genre – which isn’t a bad thing at all. That still manages to create a well memorable ‘murder mystery’ story for ages 8+. Disregarding bias, I’d rate this a good 4/5 for those who enjoy comedies.


 play 640w

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