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29 Mar 2018
LUSH at Houldsworth House

Lush logo black 640wI really appreciated LUSH coming to Houldsworth and providing this great opportunity. The three staff members were really nice and patient. During the activities we learnt how to do hand massages. It was very helpful because as students we spend most of our time handwriting, and now we can really relax our hands after a long period of writing. Lush also let us experience handmade face masks which was great fun. Now I can apply masks and because my skin is sensitive, the masks helped to moisturise my face and I now feel comfortable.

Alex (L6)

Last Sunday, 18 March, LUSH came to the boarding house. This has been the highlight of our boarding experience so far. It was amazing, with many different scents and great new things to see and do. We had the opportunity to create our own face masks using blueberries and a range of different butters. We gave each other hand massages and were rewarded with a £10 LUSH gift voucher each. We love LUSH!

Joanna and Lucinda (U5)

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