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13 Apr 2018
Changes to Nursery Sessions and Enrolment Age

D4A9193 nursery 640wFrom August 2018

Nursery News 240w4New families who enrol their children in our Pre-school class will be asked to commit to a minimum of five mornings and two afternoons in their first term, with the expectation that they would build up to full days over the course of their pre-school year.  This will give the children the best preparation for starting in Primary 1 the following year. 

Similarly, from next session in Big Nursery, new children will be expected to attend for a minimum of five mornings in their first term with a view to adding in at least two afternoons over the course of the year. In Little Nursery, anyone joining us next session will be expected to sign up for a minimum of three sessions rather than two. 

We recognise for current families that these expectations were not in place at the time when they joined St George’s Nursery. Therefore, although it would be our strong recommendation that, in pre-school in particular children are in school for full days as they move towards the transition to Primary 1, these increased hours will not be a requirement for those families whose children are currently in our Nursery.

Minimum session per week requirement from August 2018

  • Pre-school (4-5 year-olds) – 2 full days and 3 mornings, building up to 5 full days (by Easter)
  • Big Nursery (3-4 year-olds) – 5 mornings, building up to 2 full days and 3 mornings (by Easter)
  • Little Nursery (2 - 3 year-olds): 3 sessions

From August 2019

From August 2019 the entry point to St George’s Nursery will be age three rather than two as it currently is.

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