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25 Apr 2018
The Big Owls’ Trip to Holyrood Palace

owls banner 640wThe Big Owls had great fun at the Holyrood Palace on Friday. “Are we going to see the queen?” they all asked excitedly on our way there. When we arrived, we took a look at the small Union Flag blowing in the wind at the top of the palace and learnt that when the big flag is flying the queen is staying at the palace. We met our tour guide, Lynsey, who told us an interesting story about the king who built the palace. She then asked the girls to look for three animals during their walk around the grounds: a lion, an eagle and unicorn!

We walked along the dining hall and took a look at the lunch menu. We all concluded that fish fingers are much better than caviar mascarpone and pickled cucumber! We even found the spot where the Queen likes to sit when hosting big dinners. The next stop was the king’s chambers. The king had a huge tea cup under his bed! Well, it wasn’t for tea after all, but we learnt that there were no toilets back then.

We then walked into the living room where we lay on the carpet and looked for interesting things in the sculptures on the ceiling. We found lions, eagles and unicorns there too! Our tour ended in the party hall where the girls had the chance to wear royal clothes. We learnt that the ‘big, fluffy thing’ that kings and queens wear around their necks in every painting is called a ‘ruff’.  We all watched a small video of Queen Elizabeth visiting the palace and had the opportunity to wear a special crown made out of gems.

What a successful trip that was!

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