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25 Apr 2018
Seafood Scotland Visit Primary 2

To finish our food topic, Primary 2 had a visit from Seafood Scotland to talk about different fish and the benefits of eating fish. We found out about lots of different types of fish that come from Scotland as well as finding out about the different countries that eat Scottish fish. We realised that Scotland has some of the best fish in the world! We also learnt what ‘sustainable’ means. Scotland has a very sustainable fishing market!

After finding out about fish we were allowed to try mackerel. Not all of us tried it but those who did it really enjoyed it!

To finish off the day Seafood Scotland gave us lots of goodies to remind us to eat our 2 portions of fish a week!

Here are some of our favourite parts of the afternoon:

I enjoyed eating the fish. The fish was yummy. I also loved learning about fish. After I was very proud of myself, I had a great time.


I enjoyed getting the stickers and I learned that you need to eat a lot of fish, 2 portions a week!


My favourite thing was getting the notepad and pens, the rules and the notices and the workbook.


I enjoyed tasting the mackerel, it tasted quite smoky.


I enjoyed seeing where lots of fish come from.


I liked when we were learning the names of the fish for example, crab.



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